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Roadshow Public Performance Licensing (Roadshow PPL) is your link to the copyright owners of thousands of movie titles.  Roadshow PPL negotiates licensing fees with movie studios and industry groups, and makes licensing options available to you for screening films in any public venue.

For the purposes of copyright in New Zealand, a screening of a film outside the home is regarded as "in public". We cater for a wide range of markets including outdoor screenings, community cinemas, film societies, transport, maritime, hotels, healthcare, education and many more. Examples include:

Schools, Universities, Kindergartens, Youth Centre, Scouts and Guide Halls

Hotels, Motels, Caravan, Caravan or Holiday Parks

Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs, Clubs, Night Clubs

Buses, Coaches, Trains, Ferries

Hospitals, Retirement and Aged Care Homes

Prisons, Libraries, Churches

Shopping Centres, Shops, Banks, Offices, Factories

Mining Camps, Oil Rigs

Films Societies, Outdoor Park, Drive-ins

Any person or organisation wishing to screen a film in public must get permission from the copyright owner and pay a licence fee. A copyright owner whose rights are infringed may seek orders from a court, including financial compensation. Even if the organisation screening the film is a non-profit organisation (such as exhibitions in a church) permission from the copyright holder is still required.

The screening does not need to be on one large screen for it to be regarded as "in public". For example a public screening includes where a club or venue distributes individual devices eg tablets which contain electronic copies of a film(s) that the club or venue has purchased legally for patrons to be able to access and watch the film(s).

We represent the following Studios and Distributors

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Please make an online enquiry to be addressed by your local Roadshow PPL representative. Contact details can be found in Contacts.

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