Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a licence for my film screening?

For the purposes of copyright, any screening of a film held outside of the home is considered public and therefore requires a public performance licence.

I will not be charging entry to my film screening, do I require a licence?

Public screenings that are free of charge to patrons are still subject to a licence fee, the cost of which is determined by the nature/scope of the event.

Can I advertise my screening?

Advertising and publicity issued in relation to the film screening is subject to the prior written approval of Roadshow.

Is a copy of the film provided with the licence?

If your event is approved, it is your responsibility to provide your own screening copy (i.e. DVD, Blu-Ray), obtained from a legal source within Australia. Pirated copies strictly prohibited. Whilst Roadshow may in some circumstances provide a screening copy on loan only for an additional postage fee, for the avoidance of doubt, unless agreed to in writing, Roadshow will not provide a DVD for your event.

Can I screen new release films/films currently showing in cinemas?

No - Films are only available for screenings after they have been released in cinema. For forthcoming films if we have a release date for public screenings this information will be listed on our website on the film page. The latest releases are on the website in Collections.

What is your cancellation policy?

Provided you let us know in in advance, whenever possible, there are no charges for cancelled screenings. All payments will be refunded provided you supply bank accounts details and an ABN number. For a refund please contact [email protected]

Am I eligible for a Blanket Licence?

Blanket Licence does not cover (i) transmission of movies through an internal closed network to individual units or rooms, (ii) Outdoor Screenings (except for caravan or camping sites), (iii) Screenings where an admission is charged and (iv) screenings that are advertised to the general Public. Please refer to Blanket Licensing for more information

How can I check which films are available to licence?

You can search available films at Films or look through recent releases at Collections

How long does studio approval take?

Generally approvals can be turned around within the week. However, for complex requests involving multiple films or at peak times when we need to clear a film with the owning Studio approvals can take up to 2 weeks.

I can’t find the title I want to screen in your catalogue. Does this mean it is unavailable to licence?

Not necessarily. Please just send us an email or put the film in the comments section of the web requests and we will come back to you as quickly as we can.

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