Roadshow PPL offers the following Licensing Options:

1. Single Title Screening Licence

This covers all the markets and can be used in all locations and is the most common licence

A Single Title Screening Licence is issued on a title-by-title basis. This allows the licence holder to screen specific films in either commercial (paid audience) or non-commercial (free of charge) environments as well as promote the screening outside of the venue itself.

All legally obtained copies of a film can be used for a screening. Additionally we can loan a DVD for a screening for an additional postage and packing fee. Loan DVDs are subject to availability and can be requested in the application.

2. Blanket Licence or Co-Curricular Licence

If your industry and screening requirements qualify for a blanket licence, you can register/apply for an annual licence to screen multiple films

A Blanket Licence or Co-Curricular Licence (Schools) is a licence which runs a calendar year, entitling holders to screen films to a non-paying audience for one low annual fee. A blanket licence is intended for venues where the screening would be incidental to the primary purpose of the venue. Examples are : 

A school showing a film to students for non-educational (entertainment) purposes, as distinct from the educational exemptions under the copyright act. Also known as the Co-curricular Licence

A Public Library

A caravan or camping site screening to patrons

A retail shop, dentist, doctors or bank showing a film as background entertainment

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